Director of the Chilean Geological and Mining Service

Dear All,

We are very proud that the IAVCEI commission Cities and Volcanoes has appointed Chile as the host of the Cities on Volcanoes 9 conference, to be held in Puerto Varas in November 2016.  This time, Chile has the privilege of performing for the first time this important Conference after Italy, New Zealand, USA, Ecuador, Japan, Spain, Mexico and Indonesia.

The 2004 IAVCEI General Assembly was held in Pucón, Chile, and many volcanologists still remember it as a very successful meeting and want to return to visit the amazingly active Chilean Andes volcanoes.

In fact, since 2008 we have had to deal with eruptions in 10 volcanoes, two of them plinian type (Chaitén and Cordón Caulle) located in the Southern Andes Volcanic Zone, that affected severely not only the communities around them, but the southern hemisphere air-traffic because of the large ash clouds. The nearby populations have suffered the impacts mainly of lahars and ash-fall tephra that left destruction of human settlements, roof-collapses, together with livestock loss. Although such eruptions have affected Chile, there has not been one human casualty, because of the rather good preparedness of our population and the available hazards maps for many of the volcanoes that erupted, work done by volcanologists of our institution.    

However, there is still a lot more that needs to be done in prevention, land use planning, education, communication, among others, to better prepare our people to confront future volcanic eruptions.

Finally, but not least important, I am sure that the Chilean hospitality will contribute to a pleasant visit to our country.

We look forward to seeing you in Puerto Varas!

Director of the Chilean Geological and Mining Service

Mayor of the city of Puerto Varas

It is an honor for Puerto Varas Municipality invite you to participate in the ninth International 'Cities on Volcanoes 9' conference. As Mayor, I would like to thank all delegates who will attend this meeting for sharing experience and knowledge related to volcanic eruptions and effects on the community.

Puerto Varas is located close to volcanic activity areas on the Southern Andes. Its privileged location allows you to enjoy magnificent views of Osorno and Calbuco volcanoes surrounding the city. Osorno volcano erupted in 1835, while Calbuco started eruptive activity on April 22nd 2015, affecting neighboring communities.

Our exceptional natural environment at the shore of Llanquihue and Todos Los Santos lakes; Petrohue and Maullin rivers, added to the warmth of its people, are the perfect stage for a fruitful and enjoyable meeting.

Recent volcanic eruptions in Chile, particularly in the Volcanic Zone of the Southern Andes, require continuous monitoring and collaborative work by scientists, authorities and the population as a whole. The key factor for reducing risks to the population involves understanding and education about settling down in areas prone to volcanic activity. As a result of this, impacts on society from volcanic phenomena are considerably reduced.

It is a privilege to host scientists, authorities and the community in Puerto Varas. They are invited to share their experience and knowledge about volcanic hazards within the frame of 'Cities on Volcanoes 9' international conference. Without a doubt, the consequences of this meeting will be positive for the people who live and develop close to volcanic areas.

For this reason, Puerto Varas welcomes all delegates who attend this conference for debating and discussing different issues about volcanic eruptions. As a result of this, we can reduce the risks for society in the future.


Mayor of Puerto Varas, Chile